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Blake Day


Welcome to the Blake Day website

I invite you to have a look around into my world of music, music videos, and poetry. 

Art – in my case, writing and songwriting – has the power to change people for the better, and make them more emotional and empathetic and understanding, which is what this world and especially our future need more than anything. 

This life is too short to waste my time and other people's time writing about something unimportant, something mundane, something boring. All my artistic efforts aim at shaking bones, putting hearts to the test, and reinforcing souls. 

If you can and want to help me and my collaborators with that, I kindly ask you to consider supporting us on our ongoing crowdfunding site Patreon or visit the Shop section. 

For live gigs and other news, please visit Blake Day on Facebook

With Love and Thanks, 

Blake Day